What is happening in Venezuela?

Starting in 1998, the foundations of a dictatorial, corrupt and criminal system were established in Venezuela.

State institutions have been undermined. The Venezuelan dictatorship has unlimitedly appropriated the resources and wealth of the nation to enrich its hierarchy, finance Western leftist regimes, terrorist groups and criminal organizations that promote democratic destabilization in the region. This situation has provoked the mass exodus of the population and threatens the security of countries that fights these criminals worldwide.

The devastation initiated by Hugo Chávez and continued by Nicolas Maduro is evident in the destruction of the productive apparatus, the collapse of public services, the scarcity of food and medicine, the precariousness of health services, the proliferation of paramilitary bands (“colectivos”) and bloodthirsty pro-regime security forces which subject, persecute, torture and exterminate the dissident population with total impunity .

Venezuela is agonizing amid unsustainable levels of violence, malnutrition, and poverty. The catastrophic increase in maternal and child mortality, the resurgence of previously eradicated diseases (i.e. malaria and diphtheria), paramilitarism and the brutal repression of the legitimate protests of the population, are an unequivocal sign of the alarming humanitarian crisis and anarchy that is being experienced in the country.

Hundreds of thousands of people with serious illnesses could die in the coming months if humanitarian assistance from the international community is not allowed or limited.

The oppressive regime of Nicolas Maduro has been radicalized. In the last five years, it has killed hundreds of protesters, imprisoned and tortured students and opposition leaders, in addition to preventing the entry of humanitarian aid or ordering its destruction. The little help that has just begun to enter the country has been conditioned to the recognition of its illegitimate government and to the propaganda in favor of the paramilitary groups that oversee its distribution.

The outlaw regime of Nicolas Maduro despises respect for human rights in a flagrant manner, to the point of renouncing the norms and ignoring the institutions that guarantee and protect them. The Venezuelan Dictatorship intends to perpetuate itself in power claiming international norms and principles created to protect democracies, not tyrannies.

Supranational organizations such as the UN are obliged to re-establish such fundamental rights with multinational military assistance, precisely to stop the genocide and save the Venezuelan population from crimes against humanity committed by Nicolas Maduro’s security forces and paramilitary groups.